We are currently interviewing and hiring for the Fall 2022 Semester.

We are looking for self-motivated, dependable people who have a passion for working with kids to tutor kindergarten to sixth-grade students in reading and math. Experience working with children is preferred. All majors are encouraged to apply. Paid training will be required.

Before applying, please check to make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Work Study Eligible- If hired by R&C, we will request financial aid to award your “Tutor” work study
  • Two semester commitment is required
  • You must have your own transportation. This is an OFF CAMPUS job.
  • Hours: Tutor will be placed at an elementary school -OR after school program & can work 6-20 hours/ week. (Depending on the tutor’s availability.)
    • After school locations (limited number of positions available): Hours of operation M-F:  3:00-6:00 p.m. (Can work 2-5 days/ week)
    • Elementary school locations:  Hours can be scheduled during the school day M-F:  between 8am-3pm (Hours your available times match up with teacher requests)

    You must be “Eligible” for at least $2,500 in Work Study Funds. Work study is a form of financial aid. You must fill out a FASFA and be awarded financial aid before you can get work study.

    Below are two scenarios you may fall under. Follow the directions that pertain to your current circumstances.

    1. You currently have been awarded financial aid, but are you eligible for “Work Study”?

    • You are welcome to apply to our program if you: 1) Currently have awarded work study funds -or- 2) are “Eligible” for work study funds.

    • If you have already been awarded financial aid and you know you have been awarded Federal or Texas work study funds, printable work study certificates are available online through My Financial Aid. Log in with your Net ID and password. On the “awards page”, accept the award and then click the PDF icon next to the work study award to download the certificate.“  Save it to your computer or phone so that you can email proof of work study eligibility & your graphic class schedule as instructed in the Reads and Counts “Apply” page to rctutors@tamu.edu.

    • If you have already been awarded financial aid and you have not been awarded work study funds, go to your Financial Aid Portal, Helpful Links page, “Am I eligible for work study?” link through My Financial Aid. Log in with your Net ID and password. Open the link and it will tell you if you are “eligible” for work study funds.
    • Click on the link on the bottom of the webpage to print and save the webpage pdf to your computer. You can use this as your “Proof of work study eligibility” that you will need to email to: rctutors@tamu.edu along with your graphic fall class schedule in addition to completing an application.
    • Do not email workstudy@tamu.edu or contact the Student Employment Office to go onto the work study waitlist. This is not needed. Reads & Counts will request for the financial aid office to award your “Tutor” work study upon hire.
    • After completing your application, you need to email the “Am I eligible for work study?” webpage  and graphic schedule to rctutors@tamu.edu.  Your application is submitted online- See the “Apply” tab in the maroon menu bar above. (Additionally, if you received an email from financial aid that said you were eligible to apply to our program, you can also state that in your email as proof of work study eligibility.)

    If you have been awarded work study funds but the amount is not enough:
    • If you have been awarded work study, but it does not meet the $2500 minimum requirement for our program. Reads & Counts  will contact the Student Employment Office to request an increase in your work study award amount upon hire.
    • To apply to R&C, you only need to show that you have already applied for financial aid (Completed your FASFA) and that you “are eligible” for work study. Reads & Counts staff will interview all qualified applicants. If you are hired, the R&C office will send your information to the Student Employment Office to award Tutor Work Study funds. You do not need to contact the Student Employment Office to award you.

    2. You have not even applied for financial aid yet and want to see if you qualify for financial aid.

    • Work Study is a form of financial aid.
    • Please visit Texas A&M Financial Office for information on how to apply for financial aid if you do not currently have financial aid or go to the Financial Aid office and speak to one of the Front Desk Financial Aid Advisors. Please do not contact our program until you have applied for and received financial aid.  Work Study funds/ financial aid are the only funds we can use to pay our tutors.
    • Please email rctutors@tamu.edu  if you have any questions about this process.